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Bitmapped fonts optimized !

So you're writing a game - cool ! ... and you need text for "Score", "Bonus", "Time" etc.

This tutorial will show you how to use gorgeous Bitmapped fonts in your Game project.

It will show you step-by-step how to produce rich textured Fonts which add depth and appeal.

It improves PERFORMANCE... and simplifies WORKFLOW ...

... by combining multiple bitmapped font output files into a single image file and respective meta files.


A few simple steps... to go from True Type fonts to Bitmapped Fonts...

The single image loads faster and avoids needless texture re-binding when rendering.

- STEP 1 -

TrueType to Bitmapped

- STEP 2 -

Outline to Textured

Photoshop 'Magic Wand' tool

Using the outline output from Glyph Designer - it's possible to cut-out fonts from rich textures.

Use the Magic Wand tool to select the outlines of the glyphs. Don't forget the centers of letters like "O" or "g" etc...

With the Rust texture layer selected, on Mac, use ⌘ J to "cut" out the Glyphs from the rust.

Add a few layer styles - outline, shadow etc ... and you have great looking rich textured fonts !

2048 x 1024     2048 x 1024

2048 x 1024

Convert from the Outline Font to Textured Font using Photoshop or your favorite paint program.

- STEP 3 -

Rinse and Repeat

2048 x 1024    1024 x 1024    1024 x 1024

You can use Photoshop* to apply texture and layer effects to all your fonts.

The finished fonts look GREAT ! ... but there are 3 sheets, and each is pretty big.

... and look at all the WASTED space in each font sheet, 45%, 18% and 51% of the font textures are empty !

Hover over the images to see the Waste !

There is a FIX !!!

* Photoshop / Sketch / Gimp ... or your own favorite !

- STEP 4 -

Glyph Combiner

Optimized Fonts    AppleTV Simulator

Using GlyphCombiner you can save space and maximize FPS ...

The combined font sheet is much smaller.

This saves GPU memory and avoids glBindTexture() calls to swap between different fonts in the scene.

For even more savings - try the KEYWORDS mode ... (blog post to follow) !


Glyph Combiner

Bitmapped Font sheets - Optimized !!!

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2048 x 1024

2048 x 1024 Optimized !!

Glyph Combiner

Bitmapped Font sheets - Optimized !!!


Thanks for trying the Demo. We know you'll love it...